I used my "EnviroMax Plus this week on the road in my 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The best highway Mileage I have ever gotten was 18 mpg. I got 21.6 MPG on the road this week! Even my wife was shocked! That is a 20% INCREASE!

Jeff Etienne, Minneapolis, MN

I just got back from a weekend in Winona, MN. We have pulled our 5th wheel camper down there many times and normally I use an entire tank of gas on the trip. After using EnviroMax Plus for the first time, we got back home with only using a half of a tank on the entire round trip. WOW!! My fuel economy was 6.5 mpg before EnviroMax Plus, now it is 9.1 mpg. .  that's a 40% increase!

1996 3500 Chevy 454 Truck Pulling 30-ft 5th wheel RV.

Joel R. Blome Blooming Prairie, MN    

I own several Pontiac's and one of them is a 1989 Bonneville [which I still use to go to work in] and it has more than 220,000 miles. The "Check Engine" light has been on for almost 2 years. I took it to an actual Pontiac dealership before the "2 bottle test" and they could not determine the cause for the light to stay on. Although the mechanic advised me the engine in my Bonneville was in very poor shape because it would shake like a L.A. quake that it was running on borrowed time!

That's when I decided to do the 2-bottle test. I added the catalyst as instructed to do the test and to this day, I still cannot believe what has happened. The engine shaking has stopped on the 2nd fill-up and the "check engine" light actually turned off on the 4th fill-up!! The mileage has also increased from 18 mpg to an unbelievable 23 mpg! Don't know what Enviro-Max Plus is made of but it's similar to the "Fountain of Youth" for my Bonneville. If I only knew about Enviro-Max Plus 9 years ago, I would be a millionaire today! Your Co-Partner for life!


Tom Rivas, Texas

Last month I drove my 2003 Dodge 3500CTD from Arlington, TX. to Miami for the boat show. My first tank without EnviroMax Plus I got 15.5mpg. I added EnviroMax to my next tank. The mileage jumped to 17.7mpg. The next tank the overhead mileage computer showed 19.4 mpg. Thank you so much for a product that really WORKS!!

Everett Cox, Texas


I really love EnviroMax Plus.  We have a 1998 Subaru Forrester and since we started using EnviroMax we have noticed that our tank of gas is going much further.  The car is a lot quieter also. When we started using it we were getting between 24 - 28 MPG depending if we were in town or on the highway.  We live 25 miles from town so it gets a good highway run.  We are now getting between 30 - 33 MPG.  That it a HUGE saving when we have to pull up to the gas tank. 

Florence Carey

My name is Rodolfo Vengoceha and I have been using EnviroMax Plus for the last two weeks in my car in Colombia. I have a 1997 Sprint Chevrolet. I was getting about 28 kms per gallon. With EnviroMax Plus I am now getting 37 kms per gallon. I am really excited about the results!!

Rodolfo Vengoceha,
Barranquilla Colombia


 In our 1998 Town Car, we were getting a lousy 13 city and 15 MPG tops on the highway. We started using EnviroMax Plus and in just two days, the miles jumped to 17-MPG city and 20.9-MPG Highway. This is an amazing product.  Right then my wife and I decided to promote this awesome product. We are experiencing an increase in horsepower as well, unbelievable! People take my advice, try this product!  The only thing you got to lose is, poor mileage, if you don't use EnviroMax Plus.


John Lawson

Jacksonville, Florida


We own a 1993 Maxima with 155,000 miles. Our son used the car for several weeks while searching for a new vehicle for his personal use. When he returned the car to us it was running very rough, in fact it even stalled once on me. I made an appointment with my mechanic for a tune up. He was booked up due to the Easter week and asked that I bring it in the first of April. The tank was half full. I put one ounce of EnviroMax in the tank and took it out for a drive. It ran very rough for about six or seven miles and then began to run smoothly. It still idled rough for a day, or two, however, I am pleased to report that it idles smooth and runs smooth as a baby’s bottom and my mechanic says a tune up is not needed. I also want to tell you that I did not check the mileage, however, both my wife and I are amazed as to how slow the fuel gauge is moving. What a great product.

Ken Miller


After 3 tankfuls with EnviroMax Plus, I'm noticing that the miles per tank are increasing.  When I got down to empty yesterday, I noticed that my miles were at 348 miles.  Before I used EnviroMax, the miles were at about 307 per tank.  I'm not sure what the percentages are on that, but I do see that it's giving me more miles per tank and I know that it will increase even more.  Like you said, when the carbon starts to clean out, you said the mileage would increase.  I will let you know of more results soon.  I will be doing more 2 for 1s with other drivers I work with as well as other people I talk to day to day.  This is so cool...  I haven't even got my 2 for 1 kit yet and I'm already starting to build my business with the certificates and button you gave me to get started.   


David Johnson - Dallas TX - Cowboy cab company


My husband bought this 1989 Plymouth Voyager van, V6, back in March of this year for $500.00. It barely ran good enough for him to get to work. We only did radiator and brake work on it and haven't done a tune up yet. We were getting 27.3 MPG on the first fill up. Now with EnviroMax Plus and he calculated the MPG and it got 33.1 MPG!!!!!!  It has 231,000 miles on odometer and is running like new with EnviroMax Plus! My excitement really builds when I think of the savings we are getting from not having to do tune-ups, frequent oil changes, or other engine repairs. Thank You Extreme Research for this product!

Sincere Thanks

Ron & Ramona Crawford

I got my EnviroMax Plus on a Sunday evening. On Monday morning I poured 4 ounces into my 20-gallon tank. Immediately I felt that I had more power in my van.  As an airport shuttle driver I fill up my tank almost every day and note my mileage. By Friday afternoon my fuel economy had increased by 26%.  Now after using EnviroMax Plus for three weeks I use only 1 once for every 10 gallons and my fuel economy has increased between 32 to 34%!  This product is outstanding.
Thank You!  


Gus Terry - KS
Airport Shuttle Independent contractor


I have been an Extreme Research CoPartner for only about a week.  I have used one half bottle of EnviroMax Plus in my 1989 Dodge Caravan.  It was getting 16 MPG. It is now getting 23.7 MPG!  I have to admit that I was skeptical in the beginning, but not any more! Thank you,


George R. Siter, Jr.

Cooper Landing, Alaska

I thought my lawnmower was on its way out.  With just its second tankful with EnviroMax Plus there was no sputtering, dying, choking or smoking. .. it ran like a brand new mower!  I was amazed! My 1996 Chevy Lumina has also realized a 14% increase in mpg, going from 23 to 26.2 mpg on only its second tankful with EnviroMax.


Linda Jerviss

Kasson, MN 


While breaking in the below vehicles with EnviroMax they all showed reductions in MPG in the first treatment and then the results were amazing and climbing with treatments 2, 3 and 4. The vehicles and their performance is below:

1) Late model Cadillac with a Northstar 300 HP V-8 (2 and a half tons of car) - City old, 17.6 City new 22.9. Highway old, 29.9, highway new 32.5
(PS, I blew the doors off a Beemer seven series on the way home, was He surprised!!!!)


2) Late model Dodge Ram 1500 extended cab 4X4, 5.7 V-8, 5 speed manual: City old, 9.9 City new 13.4; Highway old 12.7, Highway new 17.2


3) 2005 Dodge Cummins turbo diesel dually club cab. All around city and highway, old 14.8, new 19.6


4) Late model Toyota Tacoma ex cab pickup, V-6:  All around, old 18.5, new all around 22.9


In all the above vehicles we noted a substantial gain in power in the first tank, however we noticed significant MPG loss in the first tank only, then as you can see it has climbed through the roof. We love the stuff!


Bruce Rogers, Spokane WA


EnviroMax Plus Testimonials from North Dakota on Farm Equipment!


Tappen, ND – Has a 2290 Case Diesel Tractor. He was using 1 gallon of fuel per acre. It is now at ˝ gallon of fuel per acre after using EnviroMax Plus. Needless to say he is extremely happy! That is Great!


Fredonia, ND – Customer has a diesel skid steer she uses to feed livestock with. She would fill a 5-gallon can of fuel every other day. Now after using EnviroMax Plus she is only filling the 5-gallon can of fuel once a week now! Plus she was getting sick from the exhaust fumes. She says that she doesn’t even get sick from the fumes anymore. That means a lot to her!


Gackle, ND – Diesel skid steer at Double J was smoking tremendously prior to using EnviroMax Plus. It would smoke up their shop within only a few minutes of use. Now with EMP it hardly smokes at all anymore. It also runs smoother and starts better.


Medina, ND - Jeff is using it in his Belarus tractor. After using EMP he states that there is noticeable increase in power. It also does not smoke nearly as much as it would before. When he would start his tractor in the shop the dogs would high tail it out of there!


Lamoure, ND – James’ uncle in LaMoure is using it in Case QuadraTrac. After using EMP for only 1 week he was saving 1 gallon of fuel per hour while he was digging even deeper than before!



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